seat of the teacher

40 Hour continued education immersion

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The greatest tool a teacher holds is their desire to learn.


Join Suzanne for a five day advanced refinement and exploration of your practice and teaching. Be prepared for a comprehensive and rich study of the science, art and methodology of yoga. Suzanne will journey into biomechanics of asana and pranayama, adjustments, anatomy, sequencing, theming, the power of the spoken word, building authenticity and more!

SUSTAIN the inner flame 

This training is an accessible way to cultivate and sustain the inner flame of your practice and teaching. It's the perfect option in between the 200 and 300 Hour YTT as it condenses material from both and highlights the most important teachings to prepare for you more advanced trainings.

commit to the path 

Teaching requires us to return to the mat as students, again and again. It's through our dedication to the path, willingness to reflect and receptivity to receive that allows us to access deeper phases of our growth and personal evolution. 

cultivate presence

Expect to uncover your potential by grounding into yourself within the role of a teacher. It's through our own experience within the teachings that we cultivate steadiness, authenticity and have a greater impact on the world around us. This training will encourage you to embody all that you value and aspire to cultivate through an immersive curriculum, guidance and mentorship, and Kula.

Your presence lies within the embodiment of Earth and connection to Sky.
The integration of Matter and Spirit always yearn to meet at the heart and aim to expand into your creative potential and power.
This training is perfect for any teachers who are ready to develop their personal practice and teaching to have a greater impact in the world!

Suzanne has an innate capacity to support teachers in refining their own experience on the mat and offers clear and accessible methodologies to help translate it to students. This course is cultivated and led with so much intention and integrity, and left me empowered to stand in my strength and authenticity as a teacher!
— Lauren Lee, USA




Suzanne is a Certified Anusara Teacher. Suzanne’s teachings encourage students to dissolve barriers and move through an intelligent practice in order to restore and evolve on all levels. Her instruction is woven to attune to modern duty and includes progressive sequencing anchored in ancient teachings.

Suzanne utilizes an integration of western and eastern approaches and is deeply passionate about exploring our internal capacities to heal and grow.


Hosted in London, UK:



  • Biomechanics — anatomy of physical and subtle body

  • Adjustments — effective assists to support students in deepening their practice

  • Demonstrations — effective visuals to support students to access peak poses

  • Sequencing — skillful sequencing for mixed levels practices

  • Theming — advanced theming to invite students deeper their heart connection

  • Langauage & Teaching Methodology — Holding space students experience

  • Tantra Philosophy + Hindu Mythology — Deity consciousness to explore the full spectrum of humanity, on and off the mat



  • 200 RYT with Suzanne or through a comparable school approved by Suzanne.

  • Committed to a path of practicing and teaching yoga.

  • Open and willing to work in cooperation with others in order to provide and receive feedback in a loving & effective manner.

  • Passion to serve others and/or planet.



  • All content with Suzanne and faculty

  • Yoga equiptment onsite Yoga Campus

  • Herbal teas, snacks and filtered water onsite Yoga Campus

  • Certificate upon completion for recognition with Yoga Alliance



8:00 - 10:30 | Morning Practice: Asana, Pranayama, Contemplation, Meditation

10:00 - 10:15 | Break

10:15 - 12:00 | Anatomy and Biomechanics Breakdown

12:00 - 1:00 | Philosophy Lecture and Discussion

1:00 - 2:00 | Lunch Break

2:00 - 5:00 | Elements of Teaching Methodologies and Practicum

* This is an example schedule. Each day will vary slightly depending on curriculum and flow of the group. 



  • Anusara Immersion Manual (Anusara School of Hatha Yoga)

  • Anusara Teacher Training Manual (Anusara School of Hatha Yoga)

  • Awakening Shakti, Sally Kempton

  • Eastern Body Western Mind, Anodea Judith



  • Curriculum led by Suzanne Faith Slocum Gori.

  • All equiptment and facilities onsite Yoga Campus.

  • Filtered water, herbal tea and fresh fruit.

  • 40 Hour Continued Education certification through Yoga Alliance (North America).

  • Opportunity for continued personalised mentorship programs with Suzanne at a discounted rate.