Wade Davis has always been one of my favorite authors. Often his books were part of formal discussions within my educational trajectory (i.e., Serpent and the Rainbow; Art of Shamanic Healing; Wayfinders; Light at the Edge of the World). When I met my husband, we immediately had a connection over Wade Davis. Wade Davis opened many windows into deep and intimate conversations for both of us. These windows lead us into different worlds of magic and creativity...of spirit and meaning - into a Wonderland. In his book Wayfinders Wade Davis explains how half of the languages taught on this planet are on the brink of extinction and how detrimental that is to our well-being, on individual and societal levels. Below are words from this brilliant being in the Wayfinders:

"Language is like a flash of human spirit, a vehicle by which the soul of each culture comes into the material world. Every language is an old growth forest of the mind, a water shed of thought, an ecosystem of spiritual possibilities".

These words place me in a deep abundant forest of richness. These words remind me to be receptive to our inner languages. I invite each of us to communicate with our inner worlds of languages. If we tune out certain languages within our vehicles (i.e., bodies), we are missing out on spiritual possibiities or walking past the open windows to our soul.

In your practice today, soften your edges and attune your ears and LISTEN. Embrace a playfulness in your meditation or yoga. Be open. Have no agenda. Co-Create the journey into your inner wonderland by jumping through the open windows that are presented to you by the vast number of languages living within you. Honour the languages that live within you by opening the eyes of each pore of your skin. The languages are buried in the various layers and fabrics of your being. Therefore, allow every inch of you to melt like butter so the communication can surface. Importantly, ignite your inner fire in order to remain attentive. There is a deep level of commitment required to sustain a level of awareness that will lead you into the deep abundant forest of richness.