Growing your LOVE

~ Anodea Judith

"Collectively, it seems we are falling out of love with the world. We all know what deep pain we feel when we fall out of love. It pierces the very core of our being, carves a deep hole in the soul and wounds and cripples the living spirit.

It is the enchantment of love that opens the road to wider consciousness. When we fall in love, we are suddenly stripped of our defenses, lifted out of our self-centered habits, and propelled into an enlarged view of the world. Love melts our rigid attitudes and alters our psychic structure. 

Being loved by another increases our experience of Self, as we are reflected in the eyes, words and behaviors of our loved ones. Suddenly we catch a glimpse of our own divinity, our specialness and begin in a new way to truly care for ourselves and feel a sense of purpose.

Love is indeed be the most important element of well-being and spiritual growth. How can we create more love? Compassion heals wounds. Devotion is an act of selfless love and conscious surrender to a greater force beyond oneself. In order to love, there has to be someone home honoring of one's individuality and a deep sense of self-acceptance. Address your grief. And most importantly - Forgive. 

Love is a feeling, yes, but a feeling that is created out of action. Love is daily, even hourly, conscious commitment to behave in a loving and caring fashion toward ourselves and others. When the feeling fades, it is our responsibility to find ways to create new love. Like a garden that is carefully tended, the rewards are well worth the effort."


Anodea Judith has such a multidisciplinary approach to viewing the human spirit. Her books are so powerful and practical. I studied with her numerous times in the 90's and she blew my mind and heart open. The above is from her book Eastern Body & Western Mind, but my favorite book of hers is Wheels of Life. Her writings on Love remind me how critical it is for us to address the barriers that prevent us from loving ourselves and others. She has taught me to PRACTICE the act of 'loving' over and over. It is our responsibility to create more love in our lives....nobody else is responsible for this.

Mother Theresa is the utmost reflection of love in its purest form.