The Shamanic Path

Below are a few teachings I received over several years from my studies with Nikki Hainstock, a Peruvian Qu'ero lineage Shamanic teacher.

1. Give up what you know
2. Give up roles...who you think you are
3. Enter into contact with Spirit
4. Begin to bridge the verbal with non-verbal
5. Step into innocence
6. Live free from shoulds
7. The coding of the deep unconscious is art, poetry, dance and song
8. Move out of linear and into circular
9. Stay out of victim role
10. Find closure
11. Integrity - totally negotiable and totally uncompromising
12. Practice non-attachmentments (even to your dearest beliefs)
13. Don't take it personally (we go unconscious when we take things personally)
14. Choose engagements carefully
15. Always ask permission of Nature
16. Let go of the 'stories' you hold on to about yourself and others
17. Look into your ancestry
18. You have to ask in order to receive
19. Move out of 'doing' and into 'seeing'
20. Let go - stop micromanaging

The Shamanic Path:
Living without stains - walk lightly, don't hurt others
A lie will always come back to you
Journey of discovery...not a search
Move beyond knowledge
Time to make wisdom
Greatest obstacle trapping the shaman is 'truth'
Be invisible