'Humans underestimate their ability change'  ~ John Porter

 The weather patterns are in a constant flux right now....change is in the air. As Harroit Lerner preaches...."the only thing that truly remains constant in our lives is change". I often pat myself on the back for being a trooper during times of change, but when I take a deep look at my response to change...there is definitely qualities of resistance. Don't get me wrong...I welcome variety and diversity with kisses and open arms. However, we as humans can become creatures of habit in many ways - e.g., the kinds of food we eat, the people we socialize with, the path we take to work, the words we choose to speak, the types of books we tend to read, etc. How can we step into the nebulous weather patterns of change that occur within various circumstances of our lives? How can we invite change into our life so that we continue to sprout and evolve into brighter beings on this planet? One way to measure our ability to ride the waves of change is to ask ourselves if we are moving with elegance. Elegance implies we operate with refinement, grace, beauty and ease. I need to keep coming back to a stable center point in order to activate my elegance. A practical (and common for many of us) method for standing in a center point is to turn our awareness to the breath and to begin stretching inhales and exhales...especially the exhales. I literally do this over a dozen times a day...e.g., when commuting to work on crowded trains; when standing in a ridiculously long grocery line; when kneeling down to look my four year old son in the eyes for a hug as he fiercely cries and exercises his free will; etc. Just this month I will be dealing with a major shift in my schedule, a few extra new jobs, we are moving homes, and I'm traveling quite a bit. These are the moments when I remember to accept endings so that I can embrace the new beginnings. The circumstance (of change) in my life serves as my teacher and the uncertainty of change is one of the most powerful alchemists. Knowing that 'change' is the ignition of recalibration, then why not invite more of it into our lives? I go out of my way to journey to new parts of the city, to prepare new foods, and I pick up the dictionary and learn new words all the time. These are just a few ways to invite change. And having a steady center point to harness is essential during the wavy nebulous times ...(whether it is working with the breath, cultivating a steady yoga practice, praying, playing with your children, painting, playing guitar, embracing your lover, etc).  If we know we need to make a change and are resisting it, remember that there will never be a right time to do a difficult thing. Instead of resisting the weather patterns of the mind....can we open up and allow them to move through us. I often ask myself -  am I grasping or gripping onto paradigms of thought or any dogmatic principals in my life? Answering these questions propel me into a state of openness and more elegance. 

Enjoy the ride of waves this season!