A Gratitude Practice

On a physical level, the heart gives out a powerful electromagnetic field, not only harmonizing and aligning the other organs in our bodies, but also harmonizing our energy with the energies around us. 

The heart's magnetic field, far bigger and more powerful than the brain's, actually extends many feet from the body, which is one reason why another person's emotions and feelings can so powerfully affect us. Heart cells can also bond with other heart cells. And once that bond between the two cells is established, they go on supporting one another over distance.

Gratitude according to the Buddhist tradition is a practice which is known to unlock the heart…and therefore, it opens up the gateway to Awareness. It is almost as if you have opened the gates to heaven and the light begins to pour in and then outward.


Rest in a tall seat or stance. Receive your breath in the centre of your chest with a soft inner gaze. Witness the cycle of your breath with a gentle inner eye. After 5-10 breathes, turn your attention to your 3rd eye. Begin to visualize something or someone you are deeply grateful for - i.e., something or someone who has bestowed grace, beauty, intelligence, a teaching, support, joy and/or love to you. Someone or something that takes your breath away or puts you in a state of 'awe'. As you visualize them, feel the actual sensation of your visual, usually it presents itself in your heart or belly. Allow your awareness to become one with the sensation. Witness how the sensation dances or dissolves. Repeat this practice over and over. You can do this anywhere and anytime…even as you are doing the dishes or taking a walk.