Nothing is Ever Lost


I never have been one for good-byes. Maybe it is because I know nothing is ever lost…discerned actions, oscillation of emotion, embraces of love, lack of mindfulness, turbulent thought patterns, torrential tears, empathy, naked ocean dives, mountain-top visions, telemark-powder runs, unwavering support, rejections, endless altars, fantasy & play, exploration of body wisdom, sacred singing, rich conversation, mistakes, contemplation, humility, deeply woven bonds, conscious breaking of cords, complacency, yearnings, belly-laughter, glorious rapture, imprint & healing of wounds, sword-cutting fierceness, epiphanies, ancestry.… etc. All of this is downloaded and ideally is digested. 

These experiences in Vancouver with all you have & will continue (for lifetimes) to stir into a lather and live out their purposes within me and many of you. I’m in an utter awe of how much gratitude and respect I hold for this gracious community in Vancouver, and One Yoga especially - as a collective you are beating with a multifaceted brilliant intelligence. 

My family and I are following the winds & currents that have been swirling within-and-around us for the past few years. We are sailing ship to Europe at the end of February, and planting seeds in Spain. I'm absolutely thrilled to grow new gardens; but I'm definitely aching from the upcoming departure and pull away from the kindred spirits who have made a home inside my heart here in Vancouver. For me, ceremony is an act of honouring relationships and creating synthesis. I invite each of you to join me in a sacred sealing and celebration - hailing you and your woven tapestry of alliances.  The  weekend of Feb 6-7th, I will be offerings workshops called Embody the Subtle....something for everyone. Join me for a farewell.  


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