Goddess Lakshmi

This year a beautiful community and myself completed a 40-Day journey together called Revolutionize (p.s. - next 40-Day dates will be announced soon). We explored deity consciousness, along with mythology and deep study and practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and contemplation. 

One of the most potent mythic figures we dove into was Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi is the force responsible for growing a relationship or the capacity to LOVE - both to receive it and give it. Her energy expands your mind, heart and understanding of the circumstances and conditions dancing about in your life. Her energy is also responsible for forgiveness, which has been an incredible practice for me over the past few years. Forgiveness can invite growth and depth to any relationship - especially your relationship with yourSelf. Moving through the process of forgiveness gave me a sense of freedom from an intense weight or burden....the process of forgiving myself but also others. Forgiveness is an incredible releasing or letting go of the burden of revenge, resentment and anger, which are often unconscious emotions to the cognitive mind. For many, the process of forgiveness is a means to get your life back. Lakshmi energy is the power of giving life to something or someone. So when we move through Forgiveness, you are giving yourself more 'life' force and vitality.

Many of us have someone we need to forgive—a parent, an ex-lover or spouse, a colleague, a teacher or a betraying friend. Most of us have certain actions, behaviours or events in which we need to forgive ourselves. Every time we choose not to forgive someone or ourself, we strengthen our own feelings of being flawed, re-imprisoning ourselves in our grudges, and/or empowering the notion that we're defined by wounds, resentment and/or anger.

As Sally Kempton so beautifully taught me, the actual feeling of forgiveness, and also the Awareness/Presence- the sense of pure being, is what dissolves the deeply rooted response patterns of anger, sadness or fear which form the 'burden'. 

In our meditations, ideally we want to access the feelings of forgiveness. To do that we want to focus in on the the breath in the heart-centre inviting a softening. We then focus our attention upon the memory of what made us feel the 'pain'...on the circumstances associated with certain events or people who had hurt us or the events in which we need to forgive ourselves. And within a gentle- soft-hearted state of Pure Being or Awareness, the deep emotional response patterns and states dissolve. The more we sit gently and objectively observe with a soft focused attention upon the sensations of the pain....allowing them to dance, shape shift or dissolve, the more the burdens dissipate and the more life-force we receive.

The act of moving through forgiveness often allows us to accept circumstances, conditions and people. Acceptance is a crucial step in growing any relationship. How can we learn to accept people for who they are? How can we embrace ourselves more fully for all that we are? Can we practice patience and loving-kindness as people (or ourself) express their authentic feelings or themselves in a unique manner?  In addition, how can we learn to accept people (or ourselves) with their flaws or their unique characteristics or perspectives, which may be different from our own? If we don't learn to accept people or ourselves for who they (we) are, then we unintentionally push them (or ourselves) into a state of insecurity or draw them (or ourselves) away from their (our) own personal potential. 

Stand in your strength by stepping into loving-kindness and patience


Nothing is Ever Lost


I never have been one for good-byes. Maybe it is because I know nothing is ever lost…discerned actions, oscillation of emotion, embraces of love, lack of mindfulness, turbulent thought patterns, torrential tears, empathy, naked ocean dives, mountain-top visions, telemark-powder runs, unwavering support, rejections, endless altars, fantasy & play, exploration of body wisdom, sacred singing, rich conversation, mistakes, contemplation, humility, deeply woven bonds, conscious breaking of cords, complacency, yearnings, belly-laughter, glorious rapture, imprint & healing of wounds, sword-cutting fierceness, epiphanies, ancestry.… etc. All of this is downloaded and ideally is digested. 

These experiences in Vancouver with all you have & will continue (for lifetimes) to stir into a lather and live out their purposes within me and many of you. I’m in an utter awe of how much gratitude and respect I hold for this gracious community in Vancouver, and One Yoga especially - as a collective you are beating with a multifaceted brilliant intelligence. 

My family and I are following the winds & currents that have been swirling within-and-around us for the past few years. We are sailing ship to Europe at the end of February, and planting seeds in Spain. I'm absolutely thrilled to grow new gardens; but I'm definitely aching from the upcoming departure and pull away from the kindred spirits who have made a home inside my heart here in Vancouver. For me, ceremony is an act of honouring relationships and creating synthesis. I invite each of you to join me in a sacred sealing and celebration - hailing you and your woven tapestry of alliances.  The  weekend of Feb 6-7th, I will be offerings workshops called Embody the Subtle....something for everyone. Join me for a farewell.  


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