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This online program is for you if you want to:


Cultivate an inner revolution in order to re-shape your life with stability and abundance.

Celebrate self-care.

Transform your body and mind through purification.

Create more mobility in your joints and calmness in your mind.

Replace old patterns with new ones.

Learn to communicate with more clarity and gentleness.

Change the lens in which you see yourself and the people and conditions around you.





Your online course includes:


  • 7 weeks of supported practice including themes which participants will utilize as a guide for their practices.

  • Daily intentions are provided for students to integrate into their daily activities and contemplative exercises.

  • Support through online Kula (community, yoga family) with daily guidance and mentorship from Suzanne.  

  • Invitation for a juice cleanse (optional) with resources and support.


Each week the program will introduce:


  • Philosophy and Meditation videos

  • Practice videos complete with Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra and Meditation

  • New daily Intentions for the week

  • Handouts for Contemplative exercises and journaling

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Siva Consciouness

To stand in one’s Siva consciousness reflects the capacity to be steady, regardless of the circumstances and conditions which spin around us in our daily life. Siva’s intention is to open us to our ability to stay present and to awaken to the cycles of Nature which are in a constant flux throughout our life.

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Ganesha Consciouness

To stand in Ganesha consciousness reflects a wholeness. Another name for Ganesha is Ganapati: Gana means ‘energy force’ and Pati means ‘Lord’. Ganesha is the Lord of all forces….internal forces and external. Someone who embodies an energy of Ganesha explores their full spectrum of skill and character. Ganesha energy invites us into night and day, earth and sky, sun and moon, dark and light….and everything in between. Ganesha is the only God which fully integrates the feminine and masculine. To truly embrace this consciousness one must operate with a sweetness, as Ganesha moves through these various boundaries so easily due to his sweetness. 

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Durga Consciousness

Durga consciousness holds the power to face our fears  - a call to action. This consciousness is the remembrance to carry an inner fortress. Durga is the energy within which embodies protection, for yourself and others. The energy is like a fierce guardian and helps you find your courage, voice and truth. It is the consciousness which invites us to come out of our hiding and express our gifts and power in the name of LOVE. It is the energy which supports justice and righteousness for humanity. 

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Kali Consciousness

Kali consciousness is the freedom from illusion, ignorance, ego and attachment. She represents the most radical expression of Self. This consciousness invites us to step out of ‘status quo’, a rut or a box. When we call upon this energy, we begin to cut the cords of attachment, which requires the capacity to surrender to old ways of thinking, acting and perceiving . Kali energy requires us to be accountable and responsible for our actions, speech and behaviour. Kali consciousness demands radical honesty and to call upon transformation and rebirth on all levels. 

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Saraswati Consciousness

Saraswati consciousness is an energy that flows with Nature’s cycles. She reflects the ability to adapt and shape shift through various circumstances and conditions with ease. Saraswati energy is the power of Grace as flashes of insight, intuition, discernment, understanding and creativity. This consciousness requires us to stand in our Studentship; as the easy-flow of Saraswati consciousness is a reflection of our ability to learn and apply new knowledge and skill effectively.

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Lakshmi Consciousness

Lakshmi consciousness is a reflection of Divine Love. She represents abundance, harmony and inner radiance. This energy force melts away conflict in relationships, including sensations of jealousy and resentment. This consciousness invites us to grow our relationships through balanced action, forgiveness and acceptance. When we step into Lakshmi consciousness we are inviting expansion and a deep opening on all levels. 


Boddhisattva Consciousness

Bodhisattva consciousness is an embodiment of selfless service. This energy reveals itself through acts of love and empathy. Bodhisattva consciousness demands us to serve others without the concern of fame, profit or social position. A Bodhisattva consciousness reveals immeasurable loving-kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity through six primary practices: Generosity, discipline, patience, diligence and understanding.


About Suzanne

Suzanne is a world renowned yoga teacher whose teachings encourage students to dissolve barriers and move through an intelligent practice in order to create more intimacy with breath, awareness and community.

Suzanne’s instruction and intention is woven to attune to modern duty and includes progressive sequencing anchored in ancient teachings.

Suzanne's enthusiasm for in depth teachings and authentic experience for over three decades within the practices, allows her to effortlessly hold space for her students to bring alchemy within their body, mind and heart.

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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What level of yoga practitioner is this course for?

All levels. Any seeker looking to transform elements physically, mentally and energetically.


2. Why is this course important - how will it serve me? 

We are programmed to continually evolve and grow. If we avoid or deny this calling, we will meet discomfort in our lives in some context. This program invites transformation and growth on all levels. 


3. How much personalised mentorship will I receive from Suzanne?

Suzanne will be on-line daily providing guidance and support. Suzanne is available via Skype or phone calls if anyone feels they need more personal attention.


4. How many hours is required for me to participate?

The program invites 6 days of asana a week, and each practice is 30-40 minutes. Students can choose to modify the asana practice based on their schedules and circumstances. The program invites 10-20 minutes every day of meditation and pranayama, and students can choose to modify these practices as well. The student can shape the program to meet their needs. 


5. How long will I receive access to this course?  

The students can download the course materials so they can view and read material based on their own convenience.



You're invited!

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