Join Suzanne for a drop-in class:


Monday 5:45-7:00 pm, Power Vinyasa

Friday 10-11:30am Power Vinyasa

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Monday 9:30-11:00am, Therapeutics


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 On-line classes


Suzanne's Scheduled Sessions (not drop-in):

Admiral Seymour School, Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, Fridays 2pm

Yoga Therapy International, Capilano University, Faculty, Saturdays 10-4pm 



Suzanne Slocum Gori is the most inspiring, loving, and generous yoga teacher I have ever had the pleasure to meet or practice with.  While I have been on my own spiritual path for many decades, I owe my coming to mat, and the revealing of my own yogic path, to her.  Suzanne is an enlightened being walking this world - connecting each moment, student, and class - with love, commitment, connection, and devotion.  Added to this, she teaches an exact precision to the science of yoga: she models and encourages her students to practice each asana (pose) with an unparalleled integrity that serves us beyond the mat into every aspect of our lives.  Suzanne is a true gift; she gives effortlessly and abundantly.  Suzanne emanates the power, ease, and grace of a Goddess with each word and each step.  She is a teacher whose dedication to walking the yogic path, in every aspect of her life and teaching, is rare.  It is a true honour to be her student and to share breath and my practice with her.  Namaste." -Lesley Graydon
“Suzanne is a pioneer in bringing heart based Vinyasa classes to the Vancouver yoga community. She is a master in locating a philosophical theme in the body and dynamically sequencing poses towards fully exploring it on many levels. Her teaching is steeped in the ancient wisdom but her knowledge of the science of the human body is also profound and encyclopedic. She helps bring the teaching and practice of her students to another level in a way that is comprehensive, compassionate, practical and challenging."- Patrick McGuire
Suzanne is real, she's honest, she's wise and above all, inspiring.  When she speaks my ears widen to take in every last word she has to offer.
As for her teaching, it's space.  Space to come into onenes with your heart.
I have been blessed to call her one of my teachers.  She inspires me to get real, to be honest and humble with
my Asana, thoughts and heart. She nurtures us through this process that is life unfolding on our mats and holds us to account, to stand up for what we stand for, and to always always shine bright."- Aili Storen
Suzanne has a strong practice and she shares her strength in her teachings, which challenges the class to penetrate their own strength. The most valuable lesson and unique offering by Suzanne is her ability to inspire counterbalance to this strength, keeping the practice humble and whole, especially during difficult holds and postures. It is in these difficult moments that she reminds her class to draw in the nurturing qualities that are always available to us. The nurturing qualities of finding softness again and enjoyment in the posture, no matter how much sweat is pouring down our foreheads.I love going to Suzanne’s class because with her knowledge and practice, she fuels the class to realize their great potential. I am so grateful to have this beautiful woman, teacher, role model of strength and nurture in my life. The yoga community and the world, for that matter, are truly blessed to have her."-Susan Delima