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Retreat: Ganesha the Yogi | Ibiza



OCTOBER 23 - 27

The Ganesha-architecture is known as a modern consciousness. The ancient Yogic texts tell us that a new-modern-way of being, thinking, seeing and operating in this world needs to emerge in order for the collective of humanity to find harmony and balance. Ganesha is known as the energy forces which will allow us to survive and grow in modern times.

Another name for Ganesha is Ganapati. Ganesha energy is often referred to as the force which binds all parts. The Ganapati within you is a magnetic force which pulls and draws your various components together to create a wholeness. All of our multiple personas, perspectives, emotions, skills, capacities, stories, ideas, traumas and joys are threaded into a woven fabric of consciousness, which is a Ganesha essence. 

Join us as we gather on the beautiful, sacred island of Ibiza to dive deep into the Yoga teachings and a study of Self. This unique immersion is dedicated to offering quality time for philosophy to better integrate the teachings of the asana, pranayama, meditation, contemplation and aspects of our ordinary-humanistic life-styles and behaviours. Open to all levels of practitioners!