Led by internationally renowned teacher and trainer Suzanne Faith, supported by Larah Davis, Yoga Teacher/Therapist and Founder of Ibiza Retreats and supported and translated by renowned mindful-yoga teacher and conscious education devotee Diana Naya.

Together we are pioneering Yoga 4 Kids (and for teachers) in the schools of Ibiza beginning this March 2019.

We have been inspired to launch this training to motivate mothers, fathers, both yoga teachers and class-room teachers of our children to embrace the power of Yoga4Kids for enhancing the quality of learning-life for children/students and teachers throughout the schools in Ibiza... and beyond.  This is an inner and OUTER peace movement to enable our children to potentialize their gifts through experiencing the space for expression, release and reconnection that Yoga4Kids brings.


This 20 hr Kids Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive and practical certification course. You will be given the tools in order to teach yoga within the local schools. This program will provide you with tangible knowledge and plenty of amazing ideas to create unique and fun yoga experiences for kids.

* Explore a variety of yoga poses for children ages 5-11 years old.

 * Learn creative games, breathing and meditation methods, guided imagery and relaxation techniques, partner and interactive yoga, chanting and more. 

* Be prepared to laugh, dance, play and sing!

All of this wonderful content can be enjoyed with your family at home and in your community, as well as spreading the experiences through our schools in Ibiza and beyond. 

Fri March 22 15.00 - 19.00

Sat & Sun March 23 - 24 - 09.00 - 18.00

20 Hours Experimental Training

Join us to share the many benefits of yoga for kids - confidence building, communication, self-expression, creativity and connection to inner-tools for improving attention and overall health and wellbeing.

All who qualify and can teach in Spanish are welcome to become part of our team, teaching yoga in schools in Ibiza from March 2019.


Prerequisite: A passion for yoga and a minimum of three years of a yoga practice* 

Price: €295

Location: Open Space, Santa Gertrudis, Ibiza

Registrations, further info & booking: dunia@suzannefaith.com / tel: +34 661.194.515